I guide established artful founders and creative service based business leaders evolve and embrace their brand identities. Whether your focus is on experience or creation, I’m here to work hand-in-hand with you to shape your brand, both visually and strategically.

With 14 years of design and marketing experience behind me, my focus is you, my client. I’ll work closely with you to bring clarity to brand challenges you have, and together we will clear a path ahead which results in a clever, charismatic and hard-working brand experience and visual identity. Aside from loving all things design, I have always felt empowered by helping solve creative challenges, designing solutions which are flexible and lasting. Time after time, I have heard similar obstacles from clients. Perhaps you feel foggy with evolving your existing brand, or maybe the process of rebranding your established identity feels like a monumental task.

There is no magic formula. It simply is about believing in your know-how, business and ideas, and starting. My clients have told me they felt at ease during the process of crafting a brand with me, and had confidence the result matched the kernel of thought they imagined. There is never a better time to work on your brand than right now. I'm ready to dive in with you, whenever you are.

I’m Olivia Ashworth McDonald, the founder
and creative director of OAM Design Co.

Why I do what I do

Just like you do, I understand building a brand begins with strong belief, persistence and your imagination.

“Creative confidence is about believing in your ability to create change in the world around you.”  

Tom Kelley, IDEO

I believe in Taking Personal and Brand Inventory

Community is everything. It delights me when people I have worked with before, choose to work with me again.

Fun facts

I am a lover of food. The latest thing I can’t live without:
the waste-less sourdough bread from Gail’s Bakery.

Fun facts

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The V : R Framework:
Take your idea from Vision to Reality

Free workshop + Notion Board

- Sandy, THE VEIL

Working with Olivia was a complete pleasure - her guidance, ability to listen and capture my vision was so very helpful with the creation of my new business.


Olivia is a joy to work with and I have learned over the past 8 years, just how important and integral to my brand Olivia’s design concept has been.

- Chloe, unispace

Olivia at OAM Design Co. is a breeze to work with. She quickly grasps the outcome you're trying to achieve and delivers beyond expectations.