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A ballet school in the Highlands of Scotland supporting dance students of all ages, shapes and cultures

Mind Ballet Soul

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Crafting a bright and artful brand identity for a luxury wedding cake designer in London

Bella & Bean

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A selection of the brand strategy, visual brand identity and brand collateral design projects I have been delighted to be part of.

- Maxine, Mind Ballet Soul

I was given plenty of options in the refining stages and she continues to provide me with guidance as my business grows. I highly recommend OAM Design Co. to absolutely anyone for any and all of their design needs.

Olivia is an exceptionally talented designer who worked with me tirelessly to create my brand. She was prompt, thorough and very invested in my vision and was able to coherently align my ideas.


I felt listened to and understood through the entire process of creating the Halo Pantry brand -total collaboration. If you're looking for someone who will ask all the right questions and push boundaries then OAM Design Co. is 100% the design studio you are after.

Olivia at OAM Design Co. has a way of untangling an idea in your head into concepts that are clear, thoughtful and beautifully crafted.

- Grace, Grace Ann Upholstery

The deliverables were above and beyond what I anticipated and it amazed me watching the brand grow. Olivia's ability to translate the vision, goals, and values of the company into a stunning visual design that speaks for itself is truly remarkable. Olivia was so kind, patient, and thoughtful throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend OAM Design Co.

The experience working with Olivia was incredible and so rewarding. She created a timeless and sophisticated brand that I could not be more pleased with.