The colour palette was inspired by the jewelled hues of ruby and sapphire, alongside crisp, neutral tones, without feeling too ‘obviously wedding white’ in approach. As part of the project, I provided full brand strategy services, establishing vision, mission, values, audience and market research, personas as well as brand language and tone of voice.

We then moved into a full brand identity phase and developed not only the entire guidelines, but visualising stationary and packaging concepts too for the future online boutique and virtual consultations.

“You, my fairytale. My book to never finish. Let me linger in your story, a little ever longer.”

— Atticus

The lettering is gentle and organically curved to depict the movement, as well as the design character and nature of the brand. The Veil is for every bride, thoughtfully crafted for their perfect day. The lock-up was designed to have a modern yet equally timeless feel. Using a collection of typefaces, the lock-up could be broken down into smaller parts and applied flexibly depending on the final application needed.



The Veil

The Veil’s brand reflects an inclusive, romantic and eclectic experience as a bridal adornment business, based in London but serving customers around the globe, no matter their background or how they envisage their wedding to be. Their purpose is to provide a platform where brides can discover modern adornment to complement their unique bridal styling and reflect their true selves on their wedding day. It is also a destination for those supporting brides in their planning.

The primary master logo was custom designed with The Veil’s experience front of mind. It uses a wispy, flowing hierarchy and playful form to reflect the imaginary moving outline of a veil, delicately blowing in the breeze. 

Eclectic, diverse bridal adornment for every perfect day

- Sandy, THE VEIL

Working with Olivia was a complete pleasure - her guidance, ability to listen and capture my vision was so very helpful with the creation of my new business.