I focused on the visual identity development of the Grace Ann Upholstery brand, creating a personal yet bold identity, which became an ode to the craft of upholstery.

The identity echoed this conceptual approach through graphic motifs such as the curved needle, a bespoke monogram, and a stacked master logo which promoted flexibility by either taking away elements, or keeping them as a strong collective family. The idea of ‘threading together’ was a strong conceptual driver: connecting the dots of the past to the future; creativity and skill; people and product; maker and owner; fabric and chair.

Grace and I also collaborated on packaging and stationery concepts including signage, packaging and branded collateral. I provided Grace with extensive brand guidelines for her fresh identity. A cohesive guidelines document to give a sturdy foundation and to help Grace work with other consultants in time as she developed her business.

“The old and new seem to be carrying on a spirited and sympathetic conversation.” 

Grace’s goal was to create an upholstery business which promoted sustainability and creative, modern reuse of existing products, whilst ensuring a true sense of craftsmanship within the products she lovingly restored. I developed her unique brand story: sensitive, historic/art-centric approach, which was particularly unique in comparison to other upholsterers who were more generic. 



Grace Ann Upholstery

Grace and I worked closely together to bring her vision of her business’ brand identity to life. Previously working at the Met in New York, Grace’s passion for art history and the craft of upholstery, led her to start her own business and enable her to relocate her family back to her home town of Nashville, TN.

We worked together to underpin her audience through market research and careful brand positioning, helping her gain a deeper understanding of how she would uniquely stand out in two existing and very different markets, particularly whilst she transitioned (New York City and Nashville).

Creative upholstery for pre-loved furniture in Nashville, Tennessee

- Grace, Grace Ann Upholstery

The experience working with Olivia was incredible and so rewarding. She created a timeless and sophisticated brand that I could not be more pleased with.