Minimal design and layout allowed typography, brand and product messaging to sing. Font families are rich and varied, giving lots of movement to Halo Pantry and the styling across packaging, stationary and other product items. The colour palette revolved predominantly around grounded, earthy, neutral tones with the accent of one bright colour to show dynamism, strength and a sense of playfulness.

“Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is a nobler art of leaving things undone. The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials.”

— Lin Yutang 

I worked closely with my client to develop her brand strategy, and in turn brand identity design, digital asset design for social media application and packaging concepts for her product. The logo and messaging is bold and warm, everlasting, echoing a higher price point business and lifestyle brand. Hand-crafted accents like stamps were incorporated into the logo hierarchy giving flexibility in use.

Brand strategy
Brand design
digital asset design
Packaging concepts


Halo Pantry

What happens when you combine a plant-based product, with a clean minimal layout and a bold, earthy style? Halo Pantry, that’s what. Timeless, humble and full of understated character, the branding for Halo Pantry reflects a business filled with no-fuss, plant-based goodness, whilst ensuring you’re treated, all at the same time.

Healthy, youthful, relaxed. Clean, fresh, playful. Plant-based protein focused treats which help you keep your halo on. Creatively produced, surprise flavours, delicious and edgy.

Plant based protein treats keeping London's halo on

- Chloe, Halo Pantry

Olivia at OAM Design Co. has a way of untangling an idea in your head into concepts that are clear, thoughtful and beautifully crafted.